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    I have a couple somewhat noob questions, well to you guys anyway.

    1. On the new OS, is there a way to delete a notification without going into the app, say I get an update from Facebook but im already on the desktop version, when the notification arrives at my phone is there a way to make it go away without going into it?

    2. Is there a way to sync podcasts from my iTunes? Or how exactly do I do it? There is a podcast app but im kinda confused as to how to get the podcasts I want.

    Thanks guys!
    08-19-11 05:42 PM
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    08-19-11 06:41 PM
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    1. Not sure if this is what your looking for.

    Open Facebok app. Press menu and choose option. You should be able to receive notification through the main message folder if you select Blackberry Message application in Facebook. You can delete the notification from the main message folder without going to the app.

    2. Not sure..I don't own anything Apple.
    08-19-11 06:52 PM
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    Hey there, and welcome to addiction..

    1. As far as i know you can set your FB if you would like to receive notification on to you phone or not. yes you can delete a new msg or a notification with out going or opening your app you can integrate them on to you message and when ever you receive a notification go to messages and you will see it there, your phone doesn't know when you are log in on to you desktop FB. your Phone is connected to BB server and you desktop is to your Internet totally different system.
    Here is how to stop Notification to your phone:
    Go to>>FB-->Option-->Deselect BlackBerry Messages application or RUN again your Setup Wizard. and do the same thing i deselect BB calendar and BB Contacts.

    2. Yes it is a way you can connect to you iTunes Podcast trough you BlackBerry Desktop Manager,
    Here is how to:
    Open DM-->Connect Your Device-->>BACK UP YOUR DEVICE(just in case you never know)-->Click on Device up left Corner-->Device Option(popup will open)-->Click on Media Tab-->on this tab you will see under WI-FI media connection is Media On my Computer, on the right you will see a small Button it has to say default or iTunes or Windows Media Player, after you select iTunes you can Select the small square if you would like to start iTunes automatically when you connect your device.

    Good Luck, hope it helps.
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    Starting with OS6 you can sync itunes to a BB using wifi.

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    08-19-11 07:14 PM