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    Ok...FedEx came as promised and delivered the 9930.

    I ran to my computer like a cougar chasing a gazelle, and got to work. Followed most of the instructions by fellow members here. (I'll skip the technical stuff, cause it's all been discussed.) To the point:

    The keyboard is an absolute DREAM. You will want to write books with this thing. I am shocked at how quickly and accurately I type. I'm telling you, this thing is worth it just for the keyboard.

    For me, there are a few things that are annoying. Some of the 3rd party apps I use, (in Hebrew), has lousy font and was difficult to obtain. The app TXTlater is not available. I use that OFTEN!

    And there is a lot of getting used-to the touch screen. E.g. if you use the track pad instead of finger scrolling you WILL hit links on the web inadvertently.

    But all that can be fixed with time and patience (and bouts of bathroom breaks). Thank G-d I don't have the problems some others have mentioned here, yet.

    Haven't tried the camera yet, but I'll post pics when I do.

    PS, the transfer from my 8530 was MUCH easier than I expected. And I downloaded the old ringtones from another thread here (thank you) and it works great. The volume on this thing sounds like you're in a gun range

    Enjoy ya'll....
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