1. slipstreamEDI's Avatar
    Hi Has anybody else experiment this? when for whatever reason the phone drops off the network, it will not sign back in, so then I go to networks turn off mobile networks, and back on again to refresh, the phone immediately crashes, and reboots, has happened at 5-6 time and only have the phone a week? any Ideas?
    06-22-10 07:52 AM
  2. xxxclericxxx's Avatar
    Tmobile network?

    I haven't seen this particular thing happen at work.

    It's a ****ty answer but use the desktop software to back up your info. Wipe out the phone. Update the OS to the newest and then reload your info.

    Try switching out your sim card if you are on a network that uses 1.

    Reload all the info onto your mem card. I saw a lot of people have phones crashing because of them using old memory cards. Just have to do the inphone reformat then put the info back on using the media transfer prog on your computer, not the drag and drop explorer method.
    06-22-10 08:39 AM