07-06-09 03:01 PM
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  1. filmusikat's Avatar
    I lost my bold ! Well, I think it was stolen. I got pick-pocketed at a club ! Ugh. My whole life revolved around my bold ! ! ! Ugh. Anyone selling their bold ? How about $250 ? Hehe. I'm so sad...I can't believe this ! ! ! No way to track my bold huh ? Its gone... long gone. I don't have insurance for THAT phone because I just bought it from someone on Craigslist about 2 months ago.
    07-04-09 02:18 AM
  2. ebedoun's Avatar
    sooo sorry to hear this
    07-04-09 02:23 AM
  3. fifthand's Avatar
    Would you like a hug? Have you tried calling it? Maybe send a text posing as a girl looking to hook up? (Been done before)
    07-04-09 02:26 AM
  4. my240sx88's Avatar
    call your service provider and block the PIN for sure. don't let a thief get away clean
    07-04-09 02:29 AM
  5. ARSC's Avatar
    thatss sad...:-(
    07-04-09 02:38 AM
  6. ultra_magnetic's Avatar
    Awww man!

    Feel for you...hard.

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    07-04-09 02:50 AM
  7. filmusikat's Avatar
    Ughhhhh.... unbelievable. Thanks you guys.

    Can't text phone anymore since I deactivated it already. I probably could have done the girl looking to hook up thing ! But..sigh. its gone. I miss it sooo much !
    07-04-09 02:54 AM
  8. laollis's Avatar
    Do you have Smrtguard on your Bold?
    07-04-09 09:18 AM
  9. Lluvia's Avatar
    Sorry to hear this, it really sucks man. Did you also have them block the PIN when you called? Even if you deactivate it, they cab just pop in a new SIM card and call to activate. Like the previous poster said, don't let the crook get away clean. Best of luck finding a new Bold :3

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    07-04-09 09:23 AM
  10. DerekJGate84's Avatar
    I'm not a capital punishment advocate but I might consider it for someone who would steal my Bold. Sorry for your loss.
    07-04-09 10:04 AM
  11. rcmike's Avatar
    They could probably use the GPS to track it but it would be hard to get them to I'm sure.
    07-04-09 10:09 AM
  12. filmusikat's Avatar
    Sigh. I haven't blocked the pin. I will do so today. I'll be getting another Bold..a brand new bold on Monday from some guy on Craigslist. Sigh. I really hope this one stays with me ! Getting it for $300 not bad. I bought the first one for $300..Ugh..!!!!!!!

    So if I block the pin on that they can't use it at all or what ?
    07-04-09 11:26 AM
  13. filmusikat's Avatar
    Do you have Smrtguard on your Bold?
    What's smart guard ?
    07-04-09 11:26 AM
  14. systech's Avatar
    I'm for the hug too.... but before try to call your bold.... You have nothing to loose.... after, you block your pin...

    Smartguard can wipe your bold remotly and also, tracking the BBerry with the gps system
    07-04-09 11:41 AM
  15. filmusikat's Avatar
    I'm for the hug too.... but before try to call your bold.... You have nothing to loose.... after, you block your pin...

    Smartguard can wipe your bold remotly and also, tracking the BBerry with the gps system

    I'm definitely going to get Smartguard for my next Bold... I bet those nosy people are looking through my messages ! Ugh. I had a bunch of songs and movies on there too. Good thing I deleted a lot of my pictures...hmm...thank you guys...reading back here once in a while makes me feel like I still have my bold...
    07-04-09 12:51 PM
  16. filmusikat's Avatar
    Hey you guys, question. Since I lost my bold...and will be getting another one soon...will I have to buy all the themes and apps again ? Or can I download them again ... without having to pay for them again ? =/
    07-05-09 07:20 AM
  17. we3za's Avatar
    sorry to hear it,

    i know its difficult for us to live without our BOLD
    07-05-09 07:44 AM
  18. filmusikat's Avatar
    So what's the answer to my question ? Am I going to have to purchase all the apps and themes again ?
    07-05-09 08:12 AM
  19. systech's Avatar
    Hello Filmusikat.... Another bad news for you... If the game/software or theme have an anti-piracy protection activated with your pins number yes... you will need to buy again. If not, you can reinstall without any problem...

    Example : when you buy berrybuzz the developer ask for your pin and with this number he generate an activation code....

    Don't know if I explain really good, English is definitely not my first language
    07-05-09 08:33 AM
  20. fifthand's Avatar
    Wouldn't a full restore of backup have all your apps with it?
    07-05-09 09:54 AM
  21. Pema108's Avatar
    Sorry about your stolen Bold. Hope you get another one quickly! Somewhere in these forums was suggested to set a password. Reportedly, after 10 wrong attempts it wipes your Bold. So I went ahead and set a password--it's a bit of a pain to unlock it every time but I feel a certain confidence any valuable info won't get into the wrong hands. I keep all kinds of passwords in the password keeper. You are safe unless the thief is a good hacker. Anyhoo, just a thought for the next device --it might bring some peace of mind.
    07-05-09 10:27 AM
  22. filmusikat's Avatar
    Whaaaat ? I just got off the phone with ATT and they are replacing my stolen Bold with a brand new one ? Is this correct ? I didn't buy the phone from them, but I had wireless insurance...I tried to explain to them that I didn't get the phone from them but they told me that it shows that I have insurance on the Bold...so that's what they're sending me...which I'm psyched about ! ! ! ! I won't have to buy another one from CRAIGSLIST! But get this, I bought one YESTERDAY for $250 and it has a horrible silver bezel, its all scratched up...looks like it was scraped on cement. Now I'm trying to sell this but am having a hard time...I bought a new bezel but that won't come in until a week or so. With the new bezel I can probably sell it for more than what I bought it for...any takers ? Hehe
    07-05-09 01:57 PM
  23. systech's Avatar
    What a Happy Ending..... Welcome back....
    07-05-09 04:47 PM
  24. thejgeffect's Avatar
    Does anyone know how much insurance is on a Bold with AT&T??
    07-05-09 05:01 PM
  25. motocrossrmz's Avatar
    sucks much i almost lost mine in a club friend picked it up and i guess someone stepped on it and the trackball got pushed down 2 hard and messed the bubble up under it so no it doesn't feel like im clicking anymore i hate it but all is good besides and hey don't complain just take the phone from them lol
    07-05-09 06:09 PM
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