1. rick280's Avatar
    Anybody having trouble with losing connection to network overnight?
    Here is my problem, place 9650 in charging for night, I have my auto -on/off set for off at 11:00 PM on at 6:00 AM. when I pick up phone in morning, phone is on but connection to Vzn network is off, try to connection will not let me connection, need to pull battery and reboot. I have latest software .732. this has happen twice so far. Shut off auto - on/off and will see if that works, but I do like shut off feature.
    07-09-10 10:56 AM
  2. moyjoy's Avatar
    Yes, mine was out from around 6ish and started acting right again about 9:30am EST. Emails started working first then data.

    I couldn't even log on to my Verizon account (via computer). It kept saying the page I was trying to access was on a server that was down.

    (I should have known something was up when I didnt get a CNN alert about Lebron. BBM and Facebook still worked though. Well on facebook I didnt get alerts but I could see updates)
    07-09-10 11:51 AM