1. Alivemau5's Avatar
    Before I updated BB Desktop Manager I used to be able to launch Roxio Media Manager and then my BlackBerry would show up under 'Computer' and I'd be able to load themes I downloaded on my PC to my BlackBerry.

    Now, I can't do this.
    So is there any other way to load themes onto my BB from my PC or any other way to get my BB to show under Computer
    07-10-09 05:26 PM
  2. savioAMG's Avatar
    Do you have Mass Storage Mode enabled?

    If Roxio doesn't work, use Desktop Manager to install themes instead.
    07-10-09 05:30 PM
  3. Alivemau5's Avatar
    how can i install them in desktop manager?
    07-10-09 05:31 PM
  4. savioAMG's Avatar
    In Desktop Manager:

    Application Loader > Add/Remove Applications > Browse... > select the theme's .alx file > Next and follow any on-screen instructions.
    07-10-09 05:37 PM
  5. Alivemau5's Avatar
    In Desktop Manager:

    Application Loader > Add/Remove Applications > Browse... > select the theme's .alx file > Next and follow any on-screen instructions.
    See, I was thinking that usually it needs a .alx file, but all I have for this theme is a .jad
    07-10-09 05:43 PM
  6. savioAMG's Avatar
    .jad is OTA (over-the-air).

    If you have the link you downloaded it from, click on that link from your BB's browser and it'll directly download and install it to your phone - no computer necessary. If you only have the .jad file, read this:

    Credit: stevetaz @everythingberry.com

    Fool Your BB Into Thinking You Have An OTA Install….
    -Download the .jad and .cod files required for installation and save them in a folder on your desktop or another location of your choosing.
    NOTE: As member rudeboy pointed out, finding all of the necessary .cod files can be a challenge and depends on the software authors skills in hiding or protecting the .cod files. There is a freeware program, BlackBerry OTA downloader, which enables a user to download all the necessary files and to then save to a folder on a hard drive or to move them to an SD Card for future installation. This can be very helpful, for example, to a user who does not have a data plan to connect to the Internet or to archive an OTA program in case it is needed to reload at a later time.
    DO NOT violate an author’s ownership and DO NOT use this to steal others’ efforts and repackage or illegally sell someone else’s property.

    Assuming you have saved the necessary files to a folder of your choice on your PC…
    -Connect your BlackBerry device to your computer using the USB cable.

    -If you want to load the application files into device memory, you may be able to do that, but I am not familiar with getting the install correct, so check the instructions at the above freeware site. From here on are instructions on storing the files on an SD Card.

    SPECIAL NOTE: When the actual install is done the application will be loaded/installed to your device. As of this writing BBs still don't have the ability to install applications on a memory card and to run from the card.

    -For placing the files on the SD Memory Card, if you have not already set the SD Card for Mass Storage Mode as Enabled, you should see a prompt asking if you want to enable Mass Storage Mode. Select Yes. There should also be an option to turn on Mass Storage Mode automatically in the future. Select Yes so you won’t have to repeat this in the future when you connect to your PC.

    -Your BlackBerry should now be recognized as a drive by your computer. Note that you should see both the BB device (probably labeled as BlackBerry) and the folders included on the Media Card. Personally I like to use Windows Explorer for this.

    -Drag the folder you have saved your installation files to (or Copy and Paste) from the desktop to the Media Card. Note that I believe in organization so I set up folders for everything. In this case it is a folder called OTA Applications. If you prefer you can just drop it on the card.

    -Disconnect the BlackBerry from the USB cable and select the Media icon, press the BB Menu key and select Explore. Select Media Card and locate the folder containing the installation files.

    -Choose the file ending in .jad. This is the file the BlackBerry will “think” is a download item. You should now see a download screen. Select Download and the install process should begin.

    -Note that this installation method does give you the ability to reinstall later should you need to.

    -If you need a registration key to activate the software make sure you keep that safe and available to avoid having to pay for software a second time. You could keep it filed in the encrypted BB Password Keeper program.
    07-10-09 05:47 PM
  7. Alivemau5's Avatar
    Got it, thanks man
    07-10-09 06:05 PM