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    Hi All,

    I have had my Bold 9000 f0or a good 9 months now. However I feel I am not fully using it to its full capabilities and there are some questions etc I have for you other users. I am trying to structure this post as best I can so please bear with me!

    First thing is Emails. At the moment, I have 2 Blackberrys, my personal Bold and my employers gave me a curve. In a few months I want to consolidate to one BB, I will probably get a 9700 or the newest model at the time, but either way I want to just have one BB and use it to its full potential. So emails... I have 2 email accounts. I have a few old email accounts that forward to my Mail@mywebsite.co.uk and Joe@companyIworkfor.co.uk. Currently both come to the mailbox on my BB bold. (I never setup emails on the curve) I dont mind this, but there is a mail Icon on my menu screen with "Mail@mywebsite.co.uk" under it, but no emails ever go into it?? I am not too fussed about this now, but when I consolidate, I want to have 2 mailbox's on my BB handset, one with Emails from address A going into it, then Emails from address B going into a different one. I hope that makes sense, is it do-able?

    Another email related issue is the redirector. It used to redirect my mail even if my computuer was off... but now it won't..? I am not too sure as to why... Also, when I consolidate my BBs together, I want to host the redirector on a server at a friends house that is always on so it will redirect with no problems 24/7. Has anyone done this?

    BB enterprise server... how much are these to buy? What are the pro's/con's etc. I keep seeing it on stuff and maybe it might be good for me to get one? I mean what does it actually do!? Is it worth it?

    Next, attachments on emails. I would have thought BB could handle a simple task such as opening a JPEG file off an email? Am I missing something obvious? It just says my device doesnt support this file type...

    My trackball is a real issue! Its always getting stuck and the light behind it has faded, any tips on getting it back?

    On the Menu page, I know you can "Hide" an icon, but can you actually get rid of it completely??

    My BB is also quite "Laggy" when moving through menus etc, should I delete all the messages etc or is there another way to "clean" the memory like on a computer? (I am a windows guy lol)

    I think thats it! Any help would be greatly accepted! I love BB and I certainly won't be changing, I just want to be able to use it more and change a few things. Thanks!
    06-19-10 07:46 AM
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    It will take responses from more than just me to answer all your questions, because I don't have any experience with email redirectors, but I'll address what I do know.

    All emails go to the Messages Folder. Each BIS email account also has its own inbox folder where its messages will also appear. There is only one copy of the message, and erasing it from either folder will erase it from the other as well. Having individual email account inboxes is the normal way of operation. I don't understand why that isn't working that way for you now, unless forwarding your email is causing different behavior.

    Redirecting will have to be addressed by someone else.

    Enterprise Server (BES) is a management tool. Individual users typically don't buy it, and until recently it was priced as a corporate tool. BES users get over the air synching of their Calendar, Email, Address Book, Tasks, and Memos. In return, they accept that the company can monitor all their email, log their phone calls, and in general control every aspect of their phone: whether they can install apps, use the Media Card or Bluetooth, or access the internet, for example. It is almost never a good deal for the employee to donate a phone he purchased himself to the corporation in exchange for BES access.

    Your jpeg problem sounds like you don't have the BlackBerry Attachment service installed. Blackberry Attachment Service gives users the ability to open and view email attachments in the following formats: doc, xls, ppt, wordperfect, pdf, ascii, html, jpg, bmp, gif, png, and tiff, and the zip'd versions of these. If you have your OS installed on your PC, run Desktop Manager Application Loader and check the box for BlackBerry Attachment Service. That will enable you to view jpeg. If you don't have your BlackBerry OS installed, you'll have to do that first.

    If you can remove your trackball, you can clean behind it. Google "remove Bold trackball" and see what you find. There may also be instructions in the How To and FAQ forum on CrackBerry.

    To delete an icon, delete the application that's associated with it. Go to Options / Advanced Options / Applications, select the Application, press Menu, and select Delete. Note there is no "undelete." If you want to put the app back, you'll have to reinstall it.

    You can clean your BlackBerry memory by performing the "CrackBerry Memory Optimization Procedure" that is linked in my sig. That will help you remove many memory wasting apps that you don't need and possibly improve performance.
    06-19-10 08:13 AM
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    Thanks Jeff,

    In regards to the Attachment service... I go into advanced options etc, it says it is there but it doesnt come up in the desktop manager. I am not entirly sure what to do because it is on the device, but non of those file types are recognised...

    06-19-10 11:05 AM
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    BlackBerry Attachment Service isn't listed as a separate application in my applications list. It appears as net_rim_bb_attachment in the modules list. Is that what you are seeing? I suggest you run the Desktop Manager App Loader and look for the BlackBerry Attachment Service there. If it's unchecked, check it and reboot and your problem will be solved. If it's checked, uncheck it, reboot, check it, and reboot again.
    06-19-10 11:35 AM
  5. Wholehog's Avatar
    All I see in the Desktop manager app is what is on my screenshot.

    On the BB I see the list of applications, I see "Blackberry Attachment Service - 4.6.0" in the list. That is under Advanced options and applications. However only my downloaded apps show up in the desktop manager..

    06-19-10 06:05 PM
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    Your screenshot shows you don't have your BlackBerry OS installed on your PC. Download the OS from your carrier. The download is an exe file. Double-click the exe file and it will install on your PC. Then when you run the App Loader you will see the OS components and can install the BlackBerry Attachment Service.
    06-19-10 09:46 PM