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    APOLOGIES - this should be under the 9800 segment...my bad...appreciate that it can be shifted there??? My apologies!!!!


    Am using torch and recently my external media card went unreadable (which will need to post a different question)..opps back to this one...so what I did was connect to PC then reformat the media card to FAT32 (ie defaulted by the PC.
    Anyway after formatting to FAT32 then I cut and paste the previous files i.e. video and pictures that I have back to the media card.
    However problem that I face is my torch only detects the video file which can be viewed. However for the picture files, my torch does not find them. After going to the file option in BB, I can find the picture files but somehow under Media in BB, the files are not available...
    Is there a specific file folder I need to create similar to PS3.. i.e. picture, video, music etc????
    Can help out please!!! Most of my kids pics are there....
    Btw, touching again to the above question, after synching
    a) do you manually turn of the USB function to safely unplug the BB? Or just unplug? Maybe this is the reason of why my media card went berserk
    b) believe the torch media card is hotswap i.e. can take out anytime? Since went under the option of the BB and noticed there's an option to safley take out the media card...Isn't it hot swapable?
    Thanks and look forward to hear
    07-18-11 10:42 PM