1. Irish6475's Avatar
    I am clear about how to add someone to your Level 1 email alerts (for important emails; i.e. boss; family members, etc...) IF you already have an email from that person in your email inbox by doing the following:

    You can use filtering on an email address to make messages from that address Level 1.
    In Messages, highlight but don't click on an email from a person.
    Menu/Filter Sender
    Name the filter: Patrick, for example.
    Leave everything else unchecked.
    Action: Forward
    Then check "Forward with level 1 notification."

    Question: How do you add someone to your Level 1 alerts who hasn't yet sent you an email? Thank you!
    07-10-11 02:33 PM
  2. Tõnis's Avatar
    I find that the filters don't have to be very precise. For example, if you use the "from" option, it doesn't have to be the entire email address. Let's say you can't remember Patrick's whole email address, but you know it has "patrick" in it. You could simply make a filter and add "patrick" to the from field, and it'll work. Same goes for the subject field. For example, if you get emails with a subject like "error on the forums," you could use "error" or "forums" in the subject field, and the filter will still work.
    07-12-11 02:40 PM