1. MoltresRider's Avatar
    I have an old Blackberry that I use as an mp3 player that I simply cannot let the battery die—or it nukes the entire OS and I have to reload the Blackberry OS using the loader.exe method.

    Even if the battery is dead for only a few seconds, I would then have to reload the OS. Otherwise it will not charge and I have a red light for about 30 seconds and the light turns off but does not charge no matter how long I have it on the charger. It charges flawlessly if I do not let it die.

    I do not think the battery is the problem as it lasts one to two weeks on one charge depending on how much I use it.

    I had to reload the OS just today. I saw that the Blackberry battery was near death so I quickly grabbed the charger, but I was five seconds too late. Despite plugging it in immediately after it shut off, it still would not charge the dead battery. I wasted all day trying to get it to charge and it needed the OS reloaded (again)

    I only have this battery issue if I let it die to the point where the Blackberry turns off on its own.

    What could be the issue here? And why would letting the battery die **** the whole OS like this? It does not make any sense. Of all the forums I have scoured, there is not one with this kind of problem.
    03-10-19 09:10 AM
  2. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    If you are able to get another battery to test to make sure something just isn't wrong with the battery you have for all of these years.
    Otherwise, possibly Hardware issues beyond repair?
    03-11-19 11:08 AM

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