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    I have a Bold 9000 that has been passed on down to my mother-in-law that is getting the dreaded one long LED blink, four rapid succession LED blinks 'error' code. It's seen a lot of good use and it's on its fourth user, so I realize it might just be time to bite the bullet and get her a new phone - even though she's not a 'gadgets' person. That all said, I've never been unable to not resurrect a BB device (and I've bricked a few in my day - including this one).

    1. The device went into this state after being charged with the wall charger for the period of around one hour.
    1. The phone's LED continues to blink error codes.
    2. The phone will not boot at all into the OS.

    1. I have tried the apploader /nojvm methodology as suggested on these forums and many others. The phone continues to be unrecognized by AppLoader, BBSAK, BB Hybrids tool and Windows 7 in general.
    2. I have tried removing the battery, popping it back in quickly and sworn a lot at it.
    3. While the swearing has made me feel a lot better, nothing seems to recognize the device and the LED error codes persist.
    4. I have checked to make sure all of the water detection sensors in the device are showing white, so it hasn't been water damaged.

    I'm at a loss here. Does anyone have suggestions to help or have a spare 9000 they would send my way? Getting my mother-in-law used to this phone alone was a bit of a struggle!
    07-18-13 01:50 AM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar

    Seeing as you've tried resurrection, I do know of a couple of Bolds that did this, and the owners left the battery out of the phone a few days, and then the phone booted up when they tried to restart it. One had a failed battery, and a new battery finally help him reboot after the wait period. These were isolated cases I've seen over the years, and may not work in this instance.

    I included the link to our Pay it Forward thread so that you can ask if anyone has an old Bold they can donate. There are members who often step up to help another.
    07-19-13 06:57 AM

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