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    Hey, it's been fun but the 9930 just doesn't hold up for me. I am now passing it along to another owner who will care for the device better than I could. Thanks to all the good people here in the forums for help and insight on issues. See you guys around the device world.
    10-21-11 10:38 AM
  2. nico2004's Avatar
    U will be back see you soon
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    10-21-11 10:44 AM
  3. lg777's Avatar
    U will be back see you soon
    Yup. I got a lot of devices that covers almost all the device os and they all suck. It's just a matter of what you can live with or without. I can live without a lot of apps cause a lot of them don't really work well.

    The bolds have been the goto device for me. Always fall back to my bb throughout the years. Not perfect but just more practical for me.
    10-21-11 11:38 AM
  4. Speczorz's Avatar
    Going Android? Hope you enjoy the great battery life
    10-21-11 12:00 PM
  5. RCCollins's Avatar
    There is a lot of great smartphones right now, the new Androids, iPhone 4s and WP7. Lets hope RIM gets their act together before it is too late.
    10-21-11 12:02 PM
  6. r.santa1's Avatar
    RC, dont talk like that you will get flamed for actually making sense...

    9930 is a very practical device...most of us on this site are early adopters and some of us feel like there is so much more advanced stuff out there. That does not mean we hate bb s or this site people...It is ok to say that rim has taken their eye off the ball and made a mistake getting behind the comp..
    10-21-11 12:07 PM
  7. Masahiro's Avatar
    RIM made a mistake by crafting a "very practical device"? Practicality was a good thing to some people, last time I checked.

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    10-21-11 02:09 PM
  8. otacon#AC's Avatar
    You'll be back. I tried the Droid 3 for a month and came running back to RIM. 100+ pieces of uninstallable bloatware, malware, 6 hour battery life and the thing weighed half a pound. I'll never get an i-anything...just read their EULA..lol Security takes a back seat in Apple devices.
    10-21-11 02:10 PM
  9. John Yester's Avatar
    10-21-11 02:13 PM