1. Chevstriss's Avatar
    changing phones has become a true hassle with sprint, as I have a REALLY old plan which gives me a cheapo rate on 4 devices. Just getting rid of a dead (I mean completely inoperative for months) flip phone took more hassle than you can imagine, with pretty much every option ending with "you have to change your plan to change out this phone."

    I got a BB Bold 9650 when it was the only option for an international phone that worked with Sprint in the caribbean at the time. It has served me, and going to Europe or the middle east, I just had to call someone at Sprint and tell what countries I would be in. Last month I called to have it turned on the the caribbean and was told it was obsolete and would not work at all internationally. (it was fine in Europe last fall) I had to send a last minute text to everyone that I could only be reached thru email of fb while out of the country, which did not suit my 91 yr old mom at all since she refuses to get online in any form.

    I love the keyboard of my BB. it has been acting goofy for a coupla yrs, but not with calls or texts. I have an ipad mini for everything else.

    So I have til September to come up with another international phone. dealing with Sprint will take about that long. What is going on with the T-Mobile merge? will getting a phone before Sept. mean everything might change again?

    Looks like I either have to ditch BB or ditch Sprint.

    I am resistant to change. I'm turning into my mom.
    04-26-19 01:37 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Just leave Sprint, then your options will be more open going forward. If you stay with Sprint, you're just setting yourself up for the same thing at a later time or possibly worse since no one really knows what's going to happen in their merger stuff yet.
    04-26-19 03:21 PM
  3. Chevstriss's Avatar
    Is there a carrier you would recommend where I can keep my iPad, 2 cheapie phones, and add some kind of international bb? My mom has a lotus lg and would not be able to learn a new phone.
    04-26-19 08:22 PM

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