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    Ok, so my friend owns a blackberry bold 9700 and has service with orange. About two-three months ago, things started acting up, though it was small then. The "e" button was very sensitive and any button you would press would be "e" we looked online and found some temporary solutions and that was the end of it. Now its the "t" and "e" button that are super sensitive, the scrolling pad is malfunctioning making it hard to navigate..and my friend took the whole key pad completely off. Is there any way to save the phone?
    07-19-11 01:38 PM
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    Also, the phone starts calling on its own too.
    07-19-11 01:39 PM
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    Well, if he took it apart, the warranty is VOID. If he has insurance, he might be able to get a replacement but he'll have to pay the deductable, or better, go to a repair shop/mall kiosk and have the keypad and membrane repaired/replaced/repositioned.

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    07-19-11 07:07 PM