1. nic0ck's Avatar
    hey! my bb bold 9900 had software problems, so I sent it to have it repaired. When I got it, it came with a different trackpad (now it has like 4 red tiny lines) and a different keypad/keyboard. The thing is this keyboard has the letters E, R, T REALLY stucked, and I have to press them reeeaaally hard to work. It's a pain in the ... Also, couple other buttons like the BB logo (menu b utton) and the call button are like weird.

    how can I fix it? do I need to buy and change the whole keyboard? just the membrane? I really don't know what to do.

    I thought to send it back to the "repair center" (or whatever is called), but the thing is that I live in Argentina, and I got it repaired in the US... so it takes like a month or more to get it back...

    help me please!
    05-13-13 07:40 AM
  2. westiewanderer's Avatar
    It sounds like you got an aftermarket kb sent back to you...probably because the repair center ripped the keyboard ribbon taking it apart (they must have replaced something on your mother board or replaced the mother board itself) Try this...
    Remove the battery...then press hard on each sticky key...and work it around in a circular motion...dont push so hard to the side that the key wants to break off..but just work it in a circle and back and forth firmly...whats going on is the new keyboard membrane isnt seated correctly under that key...sometimes you can get it back in its little divot with this method...the little red lines on your track pad should just be a sticker..they send them on replacement trackpads..you should be able to peel it off! Hope that helps!
    05-13-13 08:41 AM
  3. Farrris's Avatar
    My prob, when writing message..example : Where are. You ? <-- suddenly fullstop.
    05-13-13 11:22 PM

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