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    so my 9930 has been acting a little funky thru out the day, i have been installing/uninstalling many apps as i play around with my new phone, and i upgraded to the official app world 3.0 today, so was playing with that too.

    so anyway, since it had been acting funky i had deleted some apps to maybe fix the problem, but held off on a reboot. i was then reading the CB forums, an trying to view some videos inline (my 9930 from vzw wont play embedded html5 videos)

    so i was testing to see if i could fix it after having read a thread saying "check enabled developer tools", and was getting horribly slow data over 3g and wifi, and my trackpad was going crazy when i used it. i went to do a soft reset, the phone rebooted and gave me a JVM error.

    i did a batt pull and soft rebooted a few more times and no luck.

    managed to get it working again with a fresh install. no email setup is present, 240mb freee memory. seems to be very barebones install. plugging back in and installing apps thru DM
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