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    Im new to the forum. Im been a window mobile user for years. Recently i switched to the 8320 curve and now have the bold. I just really like the bold, but was looking into getting a 8900 curve for my girlfriend. Other than 3G is the bold really better than the 8900. I came her because the site seems to have superior blackberry knowledge. Thanks again and I look forward to being part of the crackberry nation.
    05-02-09 12:55 PM
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    Welcome to CB and congrats on getting a bold. I will be honest and say that bold users will say that the bold is better and 8900 users will say it better. I own both phones and I like my bold better. It all up to the user I will say but you can't go wrong with either. But yes the bold is better in every way IMO.

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    05-02-09 01:17 PM
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    i see you have a bold on t-mo network. Was that a hard process as far as unlocking? I was thinking of doing that but dont have enough knowledge and afraid i will brick my bold. At&t blackberry plans can get expensive and I have a tmobile acct as well. Do the myfave and all features work with you switch the network? Thanks for your input
    05-02-09 01:34 PM
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    The unlocking process was not as hard as I thought it would be and I was very unsure of doing it my self but, like I said it was not hard. There is a forum on here that i followed to help me through the process.http://forums.crackberry.com/f83/how...evised-100324/

    You can get the my favs on the bold but that Is another process http://forums.crackberry.com/f83/fav...hlight=my+favs. The only issue is if you like to add themes to your phone you will not be able to see the MF5 icons on third-party themes.http://forums.crackberry.com/f16/how...r-themes-1595/

    These links should help you with the unlocking and the MF5.
    05-02-09 02:13 PM
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    This is the process of hoe to unlock your bold once you get the unlock codeHow To: Unlock the BlackBerry Bold - PinStack.com
    05-02-09 02:19 PM
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    Good Looking man. Really appreciate it that
    05-02-09 02:26 PM
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    No problem. If you have any more question fell free to ask there are tones of people that know way more than i but i was glad to help.
    05-02-09 02:28 PM