1. Lilysterra's Avatar
    So, I really missed my old blackberry so I got one. Being out of practice, I wanted to start with duplicating or replicating the following apps/features that I currently use on the android Samsung Galaxy S3 device I've been using. These following features are:

    First Foc us:

    Signal Private Messenger
    Email Usage

    For whatsapp, I found a post on here regarding installing BB whatsapp and resetting the time manually before initializing the install. I did so, but the system returned a message that it was too old. Any way around this? For the second item, I haven't heard of support for signal, but if there's any other encrypted messaging options for the BB please let me know what they are. Until this time, I can use it from the PC or the android. Email usage - I downloaded Logic Mail and have input the following setup:

    Under accounts:
    Gmail Primary (IMAP)
    Configuration: Basic Settings
    Server: imap.gmail.com
    Use secure connection: SSL checked
    Port: 993
    Username: Entered
    Password: Entered
    Outgoing Server: Gmail Primary (SMTP)
    Refresh on Startup: Never
    Refresh Frequency: 30 minutes
    Homescreen Message Count: Inbox

    Under Outgoing Servers:
    Gmail Primary (SMTP)
    Server: smtp.gmail.com
    Use secure connection: SSL checked
    Port: 465
    Authentication: PLAIN
    Username: Entered
    Password: Entered
    Connection Method: Default
    Use Wifi if available: Greyed Out

    With all this said, is there a reason that the gmail primary at the bottom of the main view screen (IMAP) has a red X beside the computer icon? Is something configured incorrectly in the aforementioned settings, or does the problem exist elsewhere? Please let me know.

    Other apps: Are there any GPS apps that can depended on to continue delivering accurate map information? If so, let me know which ones. Same thing with the default browser, if there's a browser anyone here would recommend then pass that through to me. I saw on another post about Opera being an option as well.

    Etc: If there's anything here that I've missed that you think I should download in order to maximize the device that I haven't listed here, then please let me know!

    Thank you!
    03-06-19 11:14 PM
  2. Elephant_Canyon's Avatar
    You can’t use WhatsApp on BBOS anymore. There’s no way around that.
    03-07-19 07:29 AM
  3. Shuswap's Avatar
    If there's anything here that I've missed that you think I should download in order to maximize the device that I haven't listed here, then please let me know!

    Thank you!
    I have never seen a Signal app for BBOS (or J2ME), but I'd be happy to be proven wrong. Whatsapp, as @Elephant_Canyon mentioned, is long dead.

    There's a workaround to get Gmail working with LogicMail here: The Bold Explorer: LogicMail

    For more information check out The Bold Explorer: Bold without BIS. That page is up to date. The Working and Dead Apps page is completely out of date, because it relied on feedback from users (since I don't use all of the apps listed) and there are few active users left.
    03-07-19 07:50 AM

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