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    I just picked up my phone from Telus. I have been reading on the forums about locked/unlocked phones. I am a newbie to this stuff..... What can't I do with my Telus Blackberry Bold 9700???

    What am I locked out of from Telus???


    07-05-10 03:40 PM
  2. porksoda4's Avatar
    you are locked to the telus network.. i.e you cannot put in a rogers sim on it and use it on rogers network.
    07-05-10 04:01 PM
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    Would I need to then unlock it? Am I stuck on the Telus network using the Telus SIM Card without unlocking it for overseas use?
    07-05-10 04:15 PM
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    The only thing is listed "ACTIVE" using the 'MEPD' key sequence is the "Service Provider"

    Everything else is listed to disabled.

    If I were to figure out how to get my MEP key and disabled my "Service Provider" is my phone then considered unlocked?

    What does that do for me?

    Will my phone still work on Telus? Or does this SIM Card having nothing to do with my phone?

    I don't understand the SIM Card thing.

    Will making this change to disabled in any way affect my service with Telus that I have now or anything else?

    Is this just limited to which provider I want to use and when for SIM Card use?

    07-05-10 04:39 PM
  5. mooda's Avatar
    as you purchased it from telus it is locked to that carrier they are you service provider. so the blackberry will function only with a telus sim card in it. if you wanted to use it on a different service provider overseas in the states or even here then you would have to get an unlock code. the phone functions the same weather it is unlocked or locked you wont be able to tell the difference till you try and use it on another carrier network.

    sim cards are used by gsm networks to identify a phone with an account. unlike cdma carriers where the account is locked to the phone itself.
    07-05-10 05:27 PM
  6. scottmolson's Avatar
    I found out through another thread in these forums that unlock codes for free can be obtained at berrymods.com BerryMods Free Unlock Codes

    I did it and got mine in less than an hour.

    Register for their forums. Go to your account page, send a PM to "unlock" with your IMEI, BB model and carrier and they will send you the code.

    Its quite simple. All the instructions are in the link provided. And best of all its completely free. They only ask to help spread the word.

    Show some BB love!

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    07-05-10 07:36 PM
  7. jewels2010's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. That's great advice! Ill look into this some more. Happy bb!

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    07-06-10 01:44 AM