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    Yesterday after work I was fooling around with my 9700. I went to AppWorld and started downloading an app, and suddenly the phone went black-screen dead. It was like the battery had suddenly died, but I knew it still had lots of charge.

    I did a battery pull & reboot and everything came back, but now the battery meter had jumped down to only about 30% left. Check out the evidence in my meterberry log that is attached.

    The thing is this is not the first time this has happened to me with this phone. When it happened about 4 months ago I decided I had a bad battery. So I ordered a new one from eBay and had no troubles until yesterday.

    Does it seem likely that this is just another bad battery, or is there a deeper problem?

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    05-01-12 03:29 AM
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    Here is the Meterberry log...

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    05-01-12 03:32 AM
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    I got the same problem my batter goes down to about 2 bars then dies,it dont even go yellow so still has alot of charge left, do i just need a new battery or is there something wrong with my phone???
    05-01-12 02:27 PM
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    Same damn thing happened today again at about the same time of day & with more than 70% of the battery left.

    I have ordered a new battery from the internets. Hopefully it gets here soon and solves this problem. In the meantime I might go back to my old battery and see if it works better.

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    05-02-12 12:33 PM
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    Quick bump. Does anybody have any idea why this is happening. I got a new battery in January, and this started again in late January, early February. Full charge down to 50% or less doesn't make sense. On mine when this happens I have to plug it in or it will just shutdown on the security checks. Once it's on the charger I have full charge after 10-15min, that's from 30%-50% back to 100%.
    03-01-13 12:42 PM