1. Pipppetto's Avatar
    I'm not yet a BB user, but eagerly waiting to buy a Bold.

    I've looked around for any useful information I could find about italian carriers and their availability; checking CB forums I've learned from the official site that TIM seems to be the only one to have it.

    I hate TIM, and would like to activate my private Vodafone contract on the new BB; so what ?

    Should I trust buying a TIM branded device (when available), unlock it and switch to Vodafone ?
    Neither Vodafone or Wind seem to have it in a foreseeable future, and 3 is too Nokia-oriented and works only on (less coverage) UMTS, roaming to TIM with huge cost.

    Better buy abroad from some other carrier and do the same thing, hoping all UMTS-HSDPA and other features actually work in my country with the carrier of my choice ?

    I wouldn't mind to buy even a German Bold with QWERTZ kb instead, but I'm not very sure if it's a great idea.

    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated !

    08-28-08 03:24 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    The only other factor might be OS language, and you can always fix that yourself. Before you make your decision, take a look at the other BBs available in Italy. Do they have a special keyboard for Italy? maybe accented characters or something like that - which you think is a must-have feature. I know all BBs can do special characters but some users want their familiar layout.

    If you can live without a custom keyboard there is nothing to stop you buying anywhere in Europe, but I suggest you go for a source which uses the same general layout. Here in UK we have a number of reputable sources offering SIM-free (unlocked) Bold in a price range from 'interesting' to 'must be joking' - BUT none of them have received stock yet. If you are thinking of buying outside Italy, feel free to visit the message boards here and get local opinion about the supplier before you hand over your cash, we have already found a few suspected scams.

    I think you would get a better deal by buying 'unlocked OEM model' rather than one locked to carrier then unlocking it. Some carriers are installing custom software which blocks the features shipped by RIM and forces users to a more expensive carrier version. Orange/UK seem to have done this with the maps and GPS.

    And finally... don't be in too much of a rush to Bold. I don't think the other carriers are going to let TIM grab all the Italian market but the release dates might be a few weeks different. Let the early adopters find all the glitches for you.

    Hope this helps
    08-28-08 03:48 AM
  3. Pipppetto's Avatar
    Thank you !

    You are confirming much of my own thoughts.

    A friend of mine used to buy his BBs via eBay from an English vendor which usually sells brand new (surplus, I mean) carrier unlocked phones.
    The price is usually nice, delivery quick and no complaint at all.

    Language wouldn't be a factor; actually I'm thinking about possible flaws in nationalized versions of the OS and how to avoid them using the original US version; a slightly different kb layout is probably bearable.

    My only concern is to buy a someway (hardware ?) locked, or better "neutered" phone I can use with my own SIM, but without the full Monty, such as maps or whatever.

    About waiting other people's experience is surely a wise move, and in fact I'll resist the urge to be an early adopter, even if I'm drooling about putting my hands on as soon as possible.

    Thanks again
    08-28-08 07:35 AM
  4. karledice's Avatar
    It will be available on Voda if you have Voda there in Italy.
    08-28-08 11:52 AM