1. MyLoLa's Avatar
    Really in dying need of help here-
    Okay so my problem is all of a sudden my 9780 scroll starts to stuck,
    then after a few minutes it works again.
    And then all of a sudden its like my phone froze then started acknowledging my typing very slow and then it just locked..............Then the worst part of all......................
    -It does not allow me to type in my keypad password ,it asks my for my passwork like normally does but when i get to the second letter it just clears what i typed and then says try again with 4 attempts left,then after my last attempt they ask you to type the work blackberry and AGAIN it wont let me finish typing?????????????
    I tryed rebooting bt no luck..HELP PLEASE!
    03-23-13 07:12 PM
  2. raw_dog's Avatar
    Okay. When was the last time the OS on your 9780 got updated? How long have you had the phone?
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    03-23-13 07:17 PM
  3. MyLoLa's Avatar
    thanks for replying,ok sorry bout this but i have no idea what OS even is,its a second hand phone,have it about a few months,maybe 4,oh and also it does not recognise my media card,oh well it does sometimes like once a week for two minutes it will just randomly say "media card inserted" then two minutes later "removed"
    03-23-13 07:36 PM
  4. raw_dog's Avatar
    I would recommend downloading the Blackberry Desktop software for your laptop. BlackBerry Desktop Software - BlackBerry OS Software - US is the link you need. Find the download for your computer and install it. Connect the phone using a USB cable after the BB Desktop is installed. If it needs an OS update it will show once you click on Applications on the upper left side of the window. Scroll down to the bottom of the window highlight the update shown and let it do its thing. After it has completed this stepdo a restart of the phone and you should be in great shape all around. Hope this helps you out. Come back to the forums anytime. Not all of us are mean spirited!
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    03-23-13 09:29 PM
  5. patel7's Avatar
    best os is .666 for the 9780 ! highly recommended !
    04-30-13 05:38 PM

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