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    Well first off, this is my first post, but I've been lurking for a while now, so I just wanna say hi to the crackberry community. I've been in love with my bold for a month now, it plays a large role in my daily life, checking my email, web browsing, pandora, aim, etc. Lately I've been getting tired of my At&T badged bold, so I'm thinking of blacking it out. Then again, I also need to find a case for it, my $3 OEM silicone skin is beginning to stretch out...

    I can't post the pics or the link since this is my first post, but i can PM them to someone if they wanna post them for me

    It's $29.99USD, what I like about it is the leather back, and it has protection for the camera and flash as well. iSkin is a great company too, I've ordered their eVo3 for my iPod video 30GB, and it still looks brand new to this day, after 4 years LOL.
    07-29-09 11:13 AM
  2. itwanmgr's Avatar
    iSkin looks great on my Bold, the screen saver that is sent, not so much, can not really clean it as well as some of the 3rd market types, but to get started, it does fit very well.
    The color choices are great also.. Well worth it. The best part of it is, you can still feel the feux leather back.
    07-29-09 11:33 AM
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    I just ordered this case for my Bold. Cant wait till it gets here!!
    08-10-09 08:28 PM
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    Ordered one last night.

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    08-11-09 11:39 AM
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    For anyone looking to get more details about this product, it is found here: iSkin Vibes for BlackBerry Bold - Overview
    (I had to Google it after wasting about 5 minutes at the Crackberry store and wondering why the **** I couldn't find it)

    I like the looks of this skin but there are 2 things that bother me:

    1.) "Usability is key, so the iSkin Vibes is designed to give you full access to your keyboard and other pertinent controls." and from the pictures I'm assuming the keypad is openly exposed, not covered by anything. This is a big problem for anyone who is afraid of getting debris (such as sand) into the cracks of the keypad - I play sand volleyball and thus need it to be 98% covered/protected.
    2.) "The iSkin Vibes includes an ultra-clear screen film that helps to keep your Bold's screen scratch and scuff free. It's non-adhesive tacking makes it easy to apply and remove when required." to me this sounds like a small step up from the plastic that comes with a brand new phone. A simple sticker that wears out over time and might get dust around the edges.

    I will stick with my Seido Innocase 360 hard case which I love
    08-11-09 12:13 PM