1. mrhooie's Avatar
    my first shield protector install. I follow directions and remove battery and install ishield.
    Turn my 9900 back on to find it seems as though the corner of the screen is being pushed 40 times a second. apps are launched, and frequently accessed as if the phone had a mind of it's own.
    I removed the ishield to find the same problem
    Battery pull multiple times, left it for 3 minutes up to 30 minutes.
    Reinstalled OS to find same problem.

    Not until i leave it overnight and the 9900 follows the same shutdown schedule as my old BB do i find the problem seems to have cured itself. but the camera doesn't work/won't launch although it shows the camera is running in the background

    went to the dealer who was going to exchange it but then pulled the SIM card and all seems to be good. They did provide me with a replacement iShield but i'm reluctant to put it on although i have a coworker who has one on his torch and my wife has one on her iphone with no problem

    anyone else experience this?
    08-27-11 11:21 AM