1. y0m0uth's Avatar
    ok I have an iphone as my primary phone but I also need bbm, so i bought a 9780 got bbm working on wifi and android hotspots, however, when i use my iphone 5 as a hotspot bbm/internet just wont work! i've looked all over this forum and google (up to page 8 lol) has anybody ever had this problem? if so how did you fix it? sorry im new to the whole blackberry world.

    p.s. my iphone 5 and the android i've used as hotspot have the same data plan. 2.5gb of tether.

    thanks in advance.
    05-26-13 10:26 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. If you haven't already, please update your profile. That info is very useful when troubleshooting!

    I am not sure how you got BBM working over hotspot... BBM on a 9780 demands an active BIS plan associated with the device's PIN. That said, if the 9780 isn't associated with a BIS plan, no amount of data would make BBM work.

    05-26-13 03:52 PM

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