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    hmmmm...came across a thread on this forum and a member had mentioned ioffer.com. i did a lil searching on the site and found brand new unlocked blackberry bolds for around $150 brand new?! the seller is from hong kong. now checking from the seller's feedback, there have been about 4 ppl who have purchased these phones recently from him, so therefore no feedback is left yet(they're probably still waiting for their phones? so my question is...IS THIS A LEGIT BUY?! Am I missing something here? yea...Hong kong, I dunno, they got things like "Blueberries phones" over there. but it almost seems legit. 100+ phones in stock. refurb? fake? what other variables am I missing here
    imo. i seem to doubt this is the real deal here. but i can definitely be wrong, and if that is so...well then...

    NEW IN BOX UNLOCKED Blackberry Bold 9000 AT&T PDA For Sale
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    06-28-09 04:35 AM
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    the only 3 feedback he has are from people with no feedback = not real
    06-28-09 04:50 AM
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    yup. very true.
    06-28-09 05:05 AM
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    i'm looking around ioffer.com, and there seem to be a lot of legit sellers selling their phones and expected value prices, and then there are these sellers offer wayyy under cut prices. its sad, cause people are actually buying from them.
    06-28-09 05:09 AM
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    i personally would not buy from this seller. if you have to ask......it probably is.
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    06-28-09 05:36 AM
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    would? really? explain...
    sorry i'm just curious.
    06-28-09 06:11 AM
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    would? really? explain...
    sorry i'm just curious.
    whoa sorry, i meant i would not buy from him. sounds too good to be true. i fixed my other post.
    06-28-09 06:25 AM
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    oh ok...haha.
    06-28-09 01:38 PM