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    Was looking at my unlocked TMO 9700 today and all of a sudden it went to INVALID SIM CARD and SOS!

    I took out the sim card and cleaned it but no fix. I installed the sim card in my 9100 and same problem.

    When the phone first boots up it gets a quick connection to Blackberry, downloads a few emails/bbms and then goes to INVALID SIM CARD and SOS.

    Any thoughts on why the sim card is shot or what I can do? I am overseas for 2 months and TMO will not send me a new sim card overseas!

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    08-09-11 06:10 AM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    I suggest buying a prepaid SIM for the time being until you can get to tmobile for a replacement SIM.

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    08-09-11 06:27 AM
  3. Kenya_M's Avatar
    I had this problem with my 9700 (sos and Invalid SIM card) I tried with another SIM and that didn't fix the problem. I sent it back to blackberry (waranty),
    they fixed it, the problem was the internal antenna. Good luck
    08-09-11 09:21 AM
  4. f10a's Avatar
    Now it says SIM CARD ERROR:3

    I dont think it is a problem with the 9700 because I get the same problem in my 9100.
    08-09-11 10:24 AM
  5. nuangel2's Avatar
    you need a new sim card
    08-09-11 05:15 PM
  6. f10a's Avatar
    Sorry, the correct error that it shows now is SIM CARD NOT ALLOWED:3

    08-10-11 10:57 AM
  7. Rootbrian's Avatar
    you need a new sim card
    This. You'll need to either get a prepaid SIM or a warranty exchange if the sim doesn't work at all. Is your blackberry unlocked?

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    08-10-11 11:17 AM
  8. f10a's Avatar
    Yes, the BB is unlocked.
    08-10-11 12:58 PM