1. mohavewolfpup's Avatar
    Finally decided to get the 9650. Can't say i'm disappointed, fiddled with it a little at sprint, then went back to bestbuy the next day for it!

    Was a first though, the curve in my history box now I actually purchased it first, then went to a sprint store while I waited for it to arrive and played with it there!

    my only real quibble with it is that it seems like the alt key is kinda cramped and the trackpad is a wee bit odd, but I'm more chalking that up to I've had the curve bolted to my hip for the past 2.5 or so years, I felt weird when I went from a motorola I580 to the curve, so it's just the normal changes

    For some reason it's not sending MMS texts, so I am going to try the upgrade and see if that fixes the issues. seems odd.

    if anyone is considering the otterbox defender for it, it's vastly improved over the same version for the 8330. It fits super tight on it, takes alot to take it apart if you need to The camera port on it has a plastic cover over it, and so does the screen on the front. Lots of extra protection on it.

    I'll post some photos later when I get it all setup and tinkered with
    06-08-10 01:53 AM