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    I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 running on version I used to live in an area where I would always have 3G and although I was probably only getting 2G, since I had a 2G SIM card, the internet wasn't horrible. I recently moved to a smaller town where all I get is GPRS. This is when I started having the problem.

    I constantly get NO internet connection. I will have 3 bars of signal on GPRS and I will click on a link on the browser or whatever and it will say requesting and take forever and the small arrows that come out showing that its sending the request above the bars don't even come up. It then gives me an error saying a communication failure has occured or the server may be busy and to contact the service provider if the problem persists. This happens to me 85% of the time I attempt to get on fb, search on google or anything. I did contact them and since I had the same SIM card I got when I first got TMobile (2006) they said I had a 2G card and that was most likely the problem. I payed to get another but I'm still having the same issue.

    What else could the problem be? Could it be the OS version or what? I have no idea what else to try or what settings to try and modify to fix the problem.

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    08-02-11 07:45 AM
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    It is clear, also from your post, that its a network problem. Meaning, your carrier doesn't have data coverage on the area you moved in. Plus, why don't you get a 3G sim card? Not that it would solve everything, but when you where in a 3G area, why not use the phone at its full potential?
    08-02-11 08:54 AM
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    its straight up network.
    call your carrier and confirm that you have sufficient coverage to handle data.

    but the GPRS on your screen, I am assuming no.
    08-02-11 09:12 AM
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    You'll need to move to an area where 3G or 2G service is. That's what the others have been recommending and why move to an area where service in the mains of Data is very very sketchy?

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    08-02-11 02:45 PM