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    I have a Q10, but I have an old 9700 that I had unlocked so I could use it while in Dubai on vacation for a week. My plan is to buy a local sim card in Dubai and insert it into my 9700. Because it's a phone I haven't used for a year, there is no carrier associated with it. I'm new to all of this so, my questions:

    • Even though there is no associated carrier with my 9700, can I purchase a sim card and some sort of activation upon my arrival in Dubai through one of their local carriers?
    • Can I BBM, text, access the internet and call using this new sim card? I understand I will get a local phone number.
    • If I text or BBM someone back in Canada with a local UAE phone number, will they be charged for receiving something from me?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
    01-15-14 08:55 AM
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    1. Yes. But for it to work, you would need to make sure your phone is unlocked. Also, get a SIM with a BIS plan on it.
    2. Yes. Make sure you get a BIS plan. You may want to confirm that the UAE allows BBM (I think they do, but just double check.) BBM is considered data, but texting is not. So if you text to Canada, international texting may cost you more. So it would be a better idea to stick to BBM.
    3. No. Nothing extra for receiving. However, if they reply to a text, they may get hit with international texting charges.
    Last edited by raino; 01-15-14 at 09:39 AM. Reason: OP's phone is already unlocked
    01-15-14 09:30 AM
  3. argogal's Avatar
    You're a gem for responding so quickly! Many thanks!
    01-15-14 11:44 AM

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