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    Hi Guys, need help!
    Model: 9930, obviously!
    Issue: Recently i spilled water on my desk accidentally and on the next day when I was connecting the charger, display went blank. I am sure phone didnt come in contact with the water but this issue makes me suspect if few drops of water came in contact with the usb port and that might be causing the issue.
    Steps performed: a) restarted hoping that the display driver crash was the reason and it would work after reboot. I was able to hear the message tone and alarm. It worked for a while before seeming to be stuck for 2 secs and display went bad again. b) Power-drain, no luck. c) reinstalled the OS, no luck. d) upgraded the Os using both BBSAK and Jl_cmdr. No luck. e) read few threads but couldn't find much help.
    Questions: 1) Is this a common-issue? 2) If yes, is this a hardware issue? 3) If yes, please tell me which components might need repair/replacement 4) If not a hardware issue, please provide the link to page with steps to perform to fix my berry.
    Thank you for your patience!
    P.s: It might be a good ides to keep your favourite gadgets away from water instead of taking the chace and repenting now!
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    01-12-14 06:32 PM
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    anyone? let me know if I could provide any more info to help answer this question. unable to bear the sight of a non-functional BB
    01-14-14 08:54 AM

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