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    Hi all

    Right a few times i have tried to update my device from my current OS .586 to a newer one...everything goes fine up until i do my restore of my backed up data.

    The main issue im having is my theme, which i had done earlier this yr from someone on here...after i have backed up my data, restored my apps etc etc...the theme doesnt look right. BUT if i donwgrade back to .586, restore my 3rd party apps and restore my backed up data the theme works fine ie looks correct.

    Now maybe im doing something wrong but i dont think i am...ive always followed the instruction on how to do a proper upgrade ie i first make my back up then copy my 3rd party alx file then delete the installed OS on my laptop...install the new OS on my laptop then wipe my device then run app loader and load the OS along with my 3rd party apps then restore from my backup...ive always done it this way but cant seem to get the theme working with anything past .586.

    So am i doing it wrong?? because im completely stumped....any ideas would be helpful.
    06-18-10 04:47 PM