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    By the way, I still can't figure out how to consistently do a hyperlink in crackberry.com forums for specific text? I paste the link beside the word that I want to be the hyperlink and I get a different result every time. Any way read below....

    I ran into a problem with my notebook this evening and I have iYogi which is 24/7 PC tech support. They told me about a company that offers hardware warranty called "SquareTrade.com"Blackberry Warranty | Cell Phone Insurance Alternative | Mobile Phone Protection | SquareTrade Warranties

    And they cover Mobile Devices, Tablets, PC's, etc...

    So thought I'd pass this along as $124 for 2 years doesn't sound bad at all.

    The coverage includes accidents, even full immersion in water...
    "Covered Issues: Both accidents (e.g., broken screen or other damage through drops AND liquid damage including full immersion) and out-of-warranty normal use failures (e.g., battery no longer charging or other hardware failures) are covered. We do not cover loss, theft, willful damage or damage occurring through gross misuse."

    Just saw it doesn't include loss or theft, which mine does but I bought my insurance through Parrot AT&T. Can't remember exaxtly what I paid for it but I think it was $90 for 2 years but again, this was only available through the Parrot AT&T stores not the Corporate AT&T stores.
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    If you do this, you can use "school" as a coupon code which brings the coverage down to $99.24 for two years (which is $4.13 per month). I have bought eight SquareTrade warranties in the past and filed two claims before all with no hassle. I find they don't even try to fix sometimes, they just cut you a check for the retail price of the phone and you are free to shop.
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