1. jvlouse's Avatar
    Hi good afternoon
    Today I just received my new replacement screen for the bold. 001/004, I made sure 4 times it was the right screen when I opened it up. For some reason, I cannot get the screen to work, I put it in right, connected the lcd connector on the motherboard snuggly, and the led turns red, but then the screen doesn't light up
    It came in good packaging.

    Do I have to reset software or what? I got this for freee from a brother so do I need to use desktop bb with it or something? Please help
    Thx in advanced
    07-24-09 02:27 PM
  2. Waqs's Avatar
    Reload os. See if that works. If that don't work, replace screen. If that don't work, replace phone.

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    07-24-09 06:47 PM