1. stlf's Avatar
    Hello there,
    I'm having problems with my BlackBerry Bold 9900 and hope someone can help me.

    The phone simply wont turn on.

    This isn't my video, but it's the exact problem I'm getting.
    When I try and turn it on it shows me the red light for a few seconds then the light goes off. Nothing else happens. I've had this problem many times before but a battery pull fixed it for me previously. I've looked up the issue and followed numerous tutorials but haven't gotten any results.

    Most places said I should try a software update, however the phone also has problems connecting to my PC. I've tried installing various drivers found while searching which has helped the computer actually detect the phone. The phone now briefly shows up but the phone drops connection to the PC every few seconds meaning I can't even run a software update from my PC. Yes, I have tried using different USB ports and cables.

    Please can someone with some knowledge help? It would be really appreciated.
    03-30-13 02:12 PM
  2. Mom2One's Avatar
    I am having this problem too but I am also have a problem with my battery. I am ordering a new battery and I am hoping that solves the problem. My battery drains very fast and I have noticed when it completely dies and the phone shuts off, it has a hard time coming back on. It takes a few tries for it to come back one and STAY on. I am thinking it's because the battery is so dead it can't keep the phone on - even when plugged and charging. I could be totally wrong but I am going to order a battery from amazon and give it a try. Is your battery holding up?
    04-03-13 12:09 AM
  3. deezy87's Avatar
    did you try jl_cmder? That has helped me in the past!
    04-03-13 01:06 AM
  4. Mom2One's Avatar
    did you try jl_cmder? That has helped me in the past!
    What is that and how do you do it?
    04-04-13 10:14 AM

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