1. jetway1122's Avatar
    So im having a problem with my bold which it wont accept incoming calls, the person trying to call will just get my vm . Now I talked to rogers tech support and really they dont know whats wrong and said swap the device but no store around me has it so i have to wait a few days. Now I get push email problems when this happens and emails are delayed but say I lanuch the internet then the emails come thru. As well if I switch the phone to 2g calls work fine and push does too. Right now the phone is working fine on 3g but sometimes it kicks back to what I mentioned.

    Any thoughts ?
    08-29-08 09:44 AM
  2. Jackal's Avatar
    Most likely a faulty device. Sucks cuz ur caught up in the hype and every Rogers around is sold out. You seem to be the only one on Rogers with a 3G problem.

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    08-29-08 09:57 AM