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    I can not seem to get my husband's phonebook to import into my Acura's navigation system. The phone pair fine, but no numbers sync when we try to import. I had no trouble with my iPhone, but the BB doesn't want to work.

    I found something online about the phone must support BT sync or PBAP Profile in order for the import to work. I would assume he has BT sync, although maybe it is turned off? Where is the menu would I find that? What about the PBAP Profile; I don't have any idea what that is!

    Looking for any help here.
    08-14-11 03:27 PM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Go into bluetooth options, from there, you should be able to configure the device from your blackberry and ensure everything is checked off. You could try with no encryption or other settings. But if it doesn't work, then maybe it's just not compatible with certain devices/phones.

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    08-15-11 08:00 AM