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    To me, the blackberry's current OS is perfect as I need it to be. I mean there are issues that I do find somewhat annoying but that's a given to all phones, not just a blackberry. People have different opinions and taste about phones and no phone is perfect for everyone.

    I've had an iphone, htc, samsung and others and i think the blackberry suits my taste the best. That doesn't mean it'll be perfect for other people, just me. You're not going to find a perfect phone without ANY FLAWS or any complaints to them. If you're not happy with the current OS, then 5.0 won't make you stay with the BB. Get an iphone, it's a great phone but they also have their own problems. I mean iphone has a bigger screen, more apps, hq youtube videos and other things. I switched from an iphone to a bold because I just can't type quickly with the touch screen and i miss MMS so freakin much.
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    I just moved from YEARS being a WinMo lover to the Bold.

    This phone is hands down exceptional. Maybe I am starting to show my age (31) but it has been a few years since I have been memorized by flashy lights and colours that I need to run to it.

    The bold is simplicity, perfected. Running .282 I have had no need to reboot the phone since .282 was released. Everything just works.

    Threaded SMSing would be nice, however either my friends are on BBM or I just email them (iPhone).

    In the end, it is like everything else, if you don't like it..go.

    I am so tired of reading posts "well if RIM doesn't drop to their knees for me I am sooo gone" Personally, I don't care what the **** you do and nobody eles does as well.
    07-14-09 09:51 AM
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