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    Ok, so I'm back from my voyage of trying out the iPhone (3gs). And I gotta say, it's a sexy device. Great browser, extremely responsive touch screen, blah blah...BUT, I'm going back to a Blackberry Bold 9700 for a couple of reasons.

    1. Battery Life - The Bold 9700 has one of the best batteries out there and the iPhone...well, not so much. I experienced shock the first couple of days I had the iPhone because of the horrendous battery life (compared to the Bold 9700). Also, the lack of a removable battery for the iPhone is sort of a deal breaker for me. Any issues I have with the iPhone's battery would have to be handled externally.

    2. Lack of Openness (on the iPhone) - You really can't do much to the iPhone without jailbreaking it (which I didn't want to do). There were alot of instances where people would ask me to send them my ringtone and I'd go "Urrr, I can't..." lol (iPhone syncs ringtones through the computer). And, you can't transfer files/docs between the iPhone and a computer, etc. etc.

    3. Planned Obsolescence - For anyone that doesn't know what this means, it's when a product is only "up to date" for a limited period of time. The company releases something new, making it "outdated". As everyone knows, there's a new iPhone released every year (adding features that it should already have haha). I don't want to play that game with Apple. Even the new, sexy, beefed up iPhone 4 will be "old" come this time next year.

    4. Dropped calls - I've had the iPhone 3gs for almost 2 months and I've already dropped like 5 calls. I didn't start dropping any calls until I got the 3gs. I can't even remember the last time I dropped a call on my previous Bold 9700. Apple and AT&T clearly have work to do on that issue.

    Now that I'm finished with my rant, any thoughts?

    (btw, since I haven't gotten my beloved bold 9700 yet, "I'm back" in my mind lol.)

    *PS - And I absolutely love the fact that Flash is coming to Blackberry . . . so excited . . .
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    06-23-10 09:13 AM
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    Welcome back, now I hope you don't take your BlackBerry for granted this time
    06-23-10 10:02 AM
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    Welcome back. Those IPhone stories warm the cockles of my BB heart.

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    06-23-10 03:28 PM
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    It's hearing stuff like this that makes me glad I ignored my iPhone-using brother & listened to my BB-using workmates. I was rather tempted at one point to actually listen to my brother until I got my hands on his phone & saw the speed at which the battery drained.
    06-23-10 07:14 PM
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    I drop calls on my 9700...but it's not on my end! It's always when I'm talking to a friend with an iPhone and they get the "error" sign on their end.

    Can't say that I blame you for coming back.
    06-23-10 07:50 PM
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    As for the "Flash" thing, I think it's pretty cool too! Although, I am more of an HTML5 person and would like to see that become the main standard.
    06-23-10 07:51 PM
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    Good to see you back on the right team!

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    06-23-10 08:00 PM
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    iPhone was never my ball game,
    Welcome back to BB <-->CB

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    06-23-10 11:14 PM
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    Welcome back! I came from an iPhone mainly because of battery life plus a few other things.

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    06-24-10 12:50 AM
  10. NinjaB's Avatar
    Good to hear!

    Yeah watching my friends with iPhones try to save their battery life like precious metals is hilarious... always saying they can't play music or do X for too long cuz it will die too fast... so you have this awesome phone that can do all this stuff- stuck in your pocket to save battery or on the charger to gain it back... lol..

    batt life has always been my major gripe with it, and until they take a giant step forward in that category, I won't be going anywhere...

    welcome back
    06-24-10 02:25 AM
  11. dannylill1981's Avatar
    welcome back and a wise decision based on facts not fanboism
    06-24-10 02:30 AM
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    I've been using blackberry for over 2 years now , not much compared to many users here . I had an iphone 3G as a second phone but I got rid of it in less than a week ! What a shame , bought it for full retail proce and sold it at a dirt cheap one .. Now I'm thinking of doing the same with the iPhone 4 . What are the chances of me getting rid of it ?

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    06-24-10 03:38 AM
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    I was using an 8320 or 8900, I can't recall-- at which time the iphone 3g became available. Being a tech freak I grabbed a 3g. Went back to my BB within a week. Put the 3g in a drawer.

    I was using an 8900 when the 3gs became available. This time-- I believed it would be different so being a tech freak I grabbed a 3gs. Went back to my BB within THREE DAYS. Put the 3gs in a drawer.

    What are my iphones doing now??
    - the 3g-- my six year old plays video games on it.
    -the 3gs-- my ten year old plays trivia games on it.

    Now the iphone 4 is coming.........
    Fooled me once-- shame on you.
    Fooled me twice-- shame on ME.
    Fool me 3 times-- I don't think so Steve.

    Give up my 9700 for the new iphone.... Especially when the new slider 9800 and the 9700 II are around the corner??? ---- hahahahahahahahahaaaa.

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    06-24-10 04:24 AM
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    Thanks guys....
    06-24-10 06:07 AM