03-14-13 05:02 PM
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    I can't decide on a new phone! I have a tour and it has several quirks/problems. I just returned from the Verizon store where I played with all the phones I am considering - Droid X, Droid 2, HTC Incredible. BB9650 will be my backup if I get a Droid and want to exchange it during my 30 day window. The X is too big, the physical keyboard on the Droid 2 is hard to use. Seems like I have to press down extra hard and the touch screen alone won't work for me. The HTC Incredible's touch screen is very responsive, a touch screen I could use. One commonality of all the Droids is they are not as fast as everyone brags about.

    I have a tour and the browser is sluggish but I can move with in phone quickly. While the Droid browser is quicker it is not lightening fast. In fact not fast enough to make that the reason I leave BB. That surprised me. I thought for sure that would be a key factor to push me over to a Droid.

    The Incredible is not a world phone so that is a deal breaker. If I liked the Droid 2 I was going to wait for the next version that would be a world phone. Now I am going to wait to try the HTC Merge or Lexion or whatever it will be called. Of course it has Bing and I can't decided if that will be a deal breaker. I don't use Bing and hear so much bad press about it. I guess between now and when the phone is released I will have to decide what my opinion is.

    I like the feel of the BB9650 but want (ok, need) a larger screen. With all the phones out there you would think there is one that meets my needs. Wish you could customize a phone like you can a car. My phone organizes my life so it would be worth the cost to customize it.

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    10-04-10 01:50 PM
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    I agree with you about the speed comparisons of the Android devices to the BlackBerry smartphones. It is much easier and faster to navigate through the BlackBerry OS than it is any OS that I have ever used. The only slowdown is in the browser. Everything else is fast and faster.

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    10-05-10 04:00 AM
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    I would get the Samsung Galaxy Note II because of the HUGE screen. I go on the internet with my smartphone a lot, so the bigger screen would've been great for reading.
    03-14-13 01:16 PM
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    I would definitely get the htc one x or the note II

    but ill stick with my bold 9000 till the bitter end or if someone donated a newer phone to me

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