1. anon(4217806)'s Avatar
    I have a problem with my Blackberry 9790.
    It has a broken connector for the sim card, and I used a piece of copper to make contact, but I do not seem to find it's place anymore...
    So I think I should replace the sim reader...
    Anybody done this before? Knows how?
    I would like to know if I am up for the task or not... and I should let the professionals handle it...
    11-01-13 03:47 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Well you can get it here...

    BlackBerry Bold 9790 SIM Card Reader

    And maybe they have a tutorial on it? But a quick look did not find it and a google search did not find it....

    etradesupply - YouTube

    EDIT: They sell to repair shops also so they can probably refer you to a repair shop that you can send the device away to for repairs.
    11-04-13 09:06 PM

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