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    Hi Guys,

    Somewhat a newbie in these parts. Been reading the threads for a while but haven't really posted. I had an 8700r user until yesterday afternoon, waiting for the latest and greatest phone. Then, it finally happened! I got my Bold! The first one to arrive in my town LOL. The Rogers owner saved it for me. Got a decent deal because of a mistake at Rogers. Paid $199! He called their upgrade centre, and the deal was supposed to be $399 with a 3 year contract like everyone else. However, he got someone on the phone who must have been new because she autorized a $200 credit to my account as my current contract expires at the end of this month. Good timing, or good luck! Either way, I already checked my billing and the credit has been applied
    08-27-08 07:55 AM
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    Welcome to CB
    08-27-08 07:57 AM
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    Hello and welcome!
    08-27-08 08:00 AM
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    Welcome to CrcakBerry!!
    08-27-08 08:18 AM
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    WOW!!!! I'm soooooooo jealous!!!! How lucky for you!!! Congrats on the Bold and welcome to CB!!!
    08-27-08 10:32 AM
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    Just got mine an hour ago.the screen is unreal

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    08-27-08 10:51 AM
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    That sounds like a pretty good deal to me... well done, and welcome to CB!
    08-27-08 11:20 AM
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    Welcome to CrcakBerry!!
    Who's been hitting the bottle then?
    08-27-08 11:22 AM
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    Congrats!!! Enyjoy your new toy!!
    08-27-08 12:25 PM