1. manhhung2309's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I come from Vietnam. Now I am using Blackberry 9790 and I want to update it to the newest OS7.1 which can support Vietnamese. But in Vietnam they have not much updates version, maybe they have no... I can not find out any new os 7.1 which support Vietnamese language.

    My currently os version is 7.1 Bundle 1647 (version, platform My experience is that this version drain my battery so much. Everday I call about 20 calls (1-3min per call), 15-20 SMS, Viber about 1-2 hour, push email all day through EDGE or Wifi in my office (3G I rarely turn on). With this usage, my blackberry just works about 14-15 hours per day. I have to charge twice a day. It is so incomfortable when I travel or go to somewhere which has no power supply.

    And sometimes, when I open three applications at the same time (often Documents to go and email and memopad/calculator), my blackberry will be down and pause all usage (no trackpad, no sensitive touch, no work).

    Therefore, If you have any version which can help my blackberry work longer and fix some bugs like above, please send it via my email: manhhung2309@gmail.com.

    Thank you so much

    P.S: please be tolerance because my English is not good.
    07-28-13 01:51 PM
  2. raino's Avatar

    This is an all-language OS release. If the 9790 supports Vietnamese, this should have it.
    manhhung2309 likes this.
    07-28-13 01:57 PM
  3. fireful's Avatar
    08-13-13 02:29 AM

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