1. Thunderstrom's Avatar
    Hi, could someone assist in advising how to Disable Password on my BBBold 9780.

    I cant Disable this feature as its locked, it has a small padlock i cant remove.

    Any Suggestions Please.....

    I enabled the encryption the reason i find out that i m not able to disable the device password is because my friend try to send me a video and its 77Mb and my device is set to auto lock after 2 min and after 2 mins its auto lock also the file sending process has been failed and this irritates me alot however i set it to 1 hour and receive the file from my friend but its not the right way i want it.. also if i m watching some videos that are longer then the device lock time setting its locking the device and then i reenter password and go to videos and then again play it Ahhhh why is that happening.. please help me to get rid of this problem why the device is keep locking if some work has been performing in front of me this is the problem.

    01-07-14 05:16 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    You need to talk to your BES administrator. The password indicator shows this is an IT Policy imposed by a BES server. If the device is purely personal and not linked to a company BES you could try this thread but I'm not sure if it is fully correct for the latest models.
    01-07-14 11:15 AM

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