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    MY Spec Server

    BlackBerry® Desktop Manager 4.7
    BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software version 4.1.6
    BlackBerry smartphone Blod
    IBM® Lotus® Domino® 6.5.5
    IBM® Lotus Notes® client 7.0

    Why i can not import my .ID note to BB Device ?

    I forrow step by step

    To import the Notes ID file into the mail database using using BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.3 or higher, complete the following steps:

    Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    Click Email Settings.
    Click the Advanced tab.
    Click Configure.
    Click the Security tab.
    Click Import Notes ID. BlackBerry Desktop Manager will automatically locate the Notes ID file and attach it to the mail database.

    I can not press buttom import Note ID no action. About server lotus domino 6.5 right ?
    06-18-09 03:33 AM