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    I've been asked to put a simple HTML onto our Blackberry devices, and for the most part this works great, however when you open the html file, if you press the 'del' key whilst in a text input, instead of deleting the text, it brings up a prompt to delete the entire file.

    Is there any way around this please? I've found a workaround of sorts where you press the alt then shift key to select the text and type over it, but it isn't ideal... I've tried loading it from the browser too (by typing /Media Card/form.html in the address bar) but it cannot find the file

    10-18-13 03:46 AM
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    I'm trying to get you some help here.
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    10-18-13 11:40 PM
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    When you say 'a simple HTML' to what are you referring? That could be anything from trying to code a simple website on the device to a fill form... I notice in your example you use /media/form.htm so can I assume you meant a simple html form? If so what happens to the response to this form? They would stay on the device I guess ?

    Not an answer to the question you asked, as I don't have one specifically for that BUT have you considered hosting the form, or using a free Google docs form and saving a bookmark to the Blackberry to fill it in via the browser or even a home screen bookmark? That would solve the issue and also have the added benefit of organizing the responses to a central location.
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    10-19-13 08:40 AM
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    Thanks very much, sorry yes I meant a HTML form (missed out a fairly important word there!)

    Hosting the form (or using Google docs as you suggested) is a great idea, however unfortunately for data protection reasons we wouldn't be allowed to do that, also this form needs to be filled out anywhere, not just places with a signal... I can't program Java at all, but I guess creating an app from scratch would be the next solution?

    (edit) just realised that when you email the form, it renders out in plain text anyway, so the entire plan has ground to a halt, urgh
    10-21-13 03:41 AM

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