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    Hi all, I finally got my BB yesterday from Vodafone. I was told it does HSPDA and will work as my notebooks modem (to save me buying another USB dongle at 15 per month). I have tried everything, and even called Vodafone tech support (who were not helpfull).

    has anyone go this to work on the bold, if so how and what software do i need if any. I have a 5GB download per month, and do want to use this.

    Many thanks
    09-07-08 05:21 AM
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    You will need the vodafone connection software...once installed you should be able to just plug your bold in...have it detect the software and hit connect...

    If not, you will need to create a DUN (dial up network) using the Vodafone settings, which can be found here
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    09-07-08 05:59 AM