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    I'm using a bold 9780 right now on bell and it works flawlessly. However, I'm really interested in getting the bold 9900 at full retail price. My problem is I'm a little bit nervous about all the bricking/nuking stories I keep reading. Does anybody has problems with their bold 9900 from bell or everything is still good? What's the return policy with bell? Can I swap the phone if it breaks at any stores or do I have to send it in for repairs or...?
    Thanks for the feedback!
    11-03-11 02:36 PM
  2. mohawk apple's Avatar
    no problems here,its been great not sure about return policy tho
    11-03-11 02:40 PM
  3. BENZ_O's Avatar
    I think for Bell you have 14 or 15 days to bring it back to any Bell store and flip it for a new one. I think their the same as Telus.

    ps....it's a wicked phone!
    11-03-11 03:10 PM
  4. cliro's Avatar
    I returned my first one yesterday because it was wiping itself, had it for 2 weeks. Its 15 days to switch to a different device and 30 days for direct replacement.

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    11-03-11 03:15 PM
  5. Villain's Avatar
    hopefully better than the first bit... 5 deviceand all poor quality hardware issues (sunk in trackpad, raised trackpad, panel under the keypad being raised, crooked bezel, different color display screens, dead trackpad etc) all from mexico 4.... so dont know if bell in my area got a huge shippment of faulty junk (all the imei's were pretty close)

    had a few software issues but 9/10 that can be fixed

    bell's policy is 15 days from original purchase... and most places there is a max number of doa swaps of 2.

    if you can find a nice solid device made from any other country then go for it BUT look over the hareware very carefully.
    11-03-11 03:35 PM
  6. grant.palin's Avatar
    Mine has been fine. I've installed some of the newer/leaked OS releases for the device with no issues since - currently on the leaked 440.
    11-03-11 06:48 PM
  7. marclh1992's Avatar
    Mine has been fine, just a slightly squeaky trackpad but that's it, running the newest Wind mobile build.

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    11-04-11 06:42 AM