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    This is what worked for me for a pre-owned Orange Bold, transferred to a T-Mobile Blackberry data plan. Note: This is for the United Kingdom (UK) only.

    a) Never buy one unless you have direct contact with the previous owner. This is because they MUST ask their supplier to release the device from their network - or you will get that persons email on the Bold!

    b) Get the device unlocked for GSM use

    c) Go to your suppliers website and download the latest device software - to install on your device use Windows. There is detailed information in Crackberry on how you do this. You must get the latest service books installed on the Bold. This is T-Mobiles (UK) Blackberry

    d) Via the Bold - Register the device on your suppliers network. Again full details are on Crackberry

    e) Make sure the APN is for your supplier in the UK - simple Google search should tell you

    f) Go to your suppliers online blackberry email site eg T-mobile:
    BlackBerry Internet Service
    and change device - you will need the device's PIN and IMEI do do this. From here add the email addresses you want on the Bold.

    g) You may find that everything works except browsing the Internet. Stay cool it's actually easy!! Call your supplier explain that you have an unlocked Bold and all works except Internet. They will prob have to activate or reactivate the internet because of the change of device. In the case of T-Mobile the Web-n-Talk was enabled. This added another Internet service and bingo all was fine after a hard rebooted about 3 hours after the telephone call.

    I am now an immensely pleased Bold user
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    Cool. Just to say that I had a similar issue where I got a bold off eBay but the only difference was that I did not have contact with the previous owner. That person did setup bis & email on the phone but all I did was call up my network. Register my IMEI with them, then formatted the device and paid for the blackberry add on. Then hey presto after a day I suddenly had all the bis pushed to my phone! In my case I didn't need the previous owner to de register it. Dunno if I just got lucky or what lol.

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    good info as Im headed to UK with an unlocked Bold
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