1. zkyevolved's Avatar
    Hello everyone, is there a way to send large files? either via a website, or email, or something? I have a 12 meg file, and I'd love to mail it directly from my BB, whether it being via FTP or emailing it in smaller chunks? Is there anything like HJSplit or Winrar that can split a file into 5 megabit parts to mail over email? I tried FileScout and it didn't really work it. It compressed a 12.7meg file to 12.6 (woo) haha.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
    08-31-09 11:43 AM
  2. mandony's Avatar
    While you can not receive a large file by BB email, you can download/upload it from/to a web based email service.
    The load speed will be very slow, therefore, be sure that you are able to retain connection during load.
    08-31-09 12:14 PM
  3. zkyevolved's Avatar
    The problem is SENDING. Not receiving

    And on 3G download speeds with HSDPA isn't that slow, eh.
    08-31-09 12:16 PM
  4. mookish's Avatar
    You're gonna have to task the pc for that one.
    08-31-09 12:30 PM
  5. SmoothRT's Avatar
    I thought there were a couple FTP clients that worked on a bb?
    08-31-09 01:46 PM
  6. zam100's Avatar
    In order to do that download youcast(dot)net. I love this but unfortunately you cant send to groups.
    04-08-10 04:56 PM
  7. jjj1234's Avatar
    Just recently Youcast added a function to send to youtube, facebook, myspace and flickr. Yes, it will be nice to have the function to send to groups. How about the group in facebook? The software is available at YouCast for Blackberry
    10-15-10 02:22 PM
  8. todbanner's Avatar
    www,.getdropbox.com Run the Blackberry client, you can upload direct to your drop box, then either have a public folder, or share a folder with the recipient if they have an account themselves. Problem.. SOLVED!
    10-15-10 06:08 PM
  9. Kathy2009's Avatar
    I would highly recommend youcast. I have been used it for quite a while. It can send files without size limit.

    There are editions for BlackBerry, Android. Just Recently there are releases for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. My apple buddies love it...Send to group function would be very nice. If it could use my facebook group, it would be great.
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    02-16-11 10:11 AM
  10. Coffree's Avatar
    hey zyke
    why dont you just upload the 12meg to someplace? then send that link in the email is pretty straight forward :P
    theres even specific sites for this Send large email attachments | EmailAttachment
    anyways good luck
    06-29-13 10:42 AM